Best Spring ideas for a deck renovation project

A deck is a focal point of every Aussie house, even more so as we are approaching warmer season. It is a place where families meet, barbecues prepare and memories create. A good deck renovation is one of favourite projects here at Elegant Look Painters. This article will give you some inspiration for your deck project if you want to give it a good makeover, but are not sure where to begin. When rethinking the colour scheme, consider the type of timber your deck is made of as this will influence how the final colour looks. As always, you can call our friendly painters who will be able to advise which colours would be most suitable in your specific case.

1. Large outdoor deck perfect for entertaining

The light, natural tones of this deck lend themselves to endless parties, birthdays and barbecues. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice if you like to jazz up things a bit every now and then with new style.

outdoor deck, painting Deck, Berger

Photo Credit: Berger

2. Classic outdoor patio

This rich, classic-style deck just calls for a good book and a glass of wine on a sunny summer afternoon.

outdoor painting. painting deck

Photo Credit: Cabots

3. Beige garden verandah

Light shade of this deck in combination with trees resembles your very own park, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work.

Dulux Australia, Dulux painting, Deck painting

Photo Credit: Dulux Australia

4. Perfect Alfresco

If you needed a perfect alfresco setting, this would be it.

Deck paint, painter, exterior painting

Photo Credit: Intergrain

5. A Very Cool Pool Deck

The contrast between washed timber grays and sparkling blue water will make this desk your best summer buddy.

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Photo Credit: Dulux Australia

6. Simple & Clean

Sometimes, the best things in life are simple – woody and clean.

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Photo Credit: Intergrain